Your Small acts of conservation

Every human being has a mandate to protect and preserve the environment. Our environment consists of natural resources that contribute to the wellness of everyone on earth.

We often destroy nature both knowingly and unknowingly. This is done through eating animals and plants, using firewood to cook and poor farming practices, and urbanization. 

Much as some animals and plants can be replaced fast others can be eaten out of existence. 

Cooking with firewood not only causes air pollution but it also leads to habitat destruction for wild animals. This threatens the animals in the wild. 

Poor farming practices lead to exhaustion of fertile soils and hence soil erosion.   Urbanization on the other side which leads to the destruction of animal habitats.

To conserve natural resources means, taking care of them such that all living things benefit from them. 

Conservation is not a practice for only professionals in the field. it’s a practice that each one of us can get involved in. From teaching children at a tender age to love and care for nature, avoiding involvement in wildlife trade activities as adults to enforcing policies that encourage conservation within our governments. 

Individuals can conserve the environment through.

  • Recycling paper, plastics, and aluminum cans 
  • Riding bikes, walking and using public transport to save on fuel pollutants in the air  
  • Planting trees to give a home for birds 
  • Bringing your own reusable bag at a grocery 
  • Good farming practices among others. 

Our small acts of conservation can yield big results in an effort to conserve the Earth.

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