Which Pangolin are you?

Animals Have Feelings Too! Play Game to find out which Pangolin You are most likely Related to.

Which Pangolin are you?

Question 1 of 5.

My Ideal home is!

Surrounded by trees
In hilly Places
Around water
I can live Anywhere
Question 2 of 5.

Would you build your own house or buy an already built house?

I would build my own house
I would buy already built house
Question 3 of 5.

I like to be surrounded by people

I strongly agree, I always surround myself with as many people as I can!
I agree, a few friends are enough to keep my mood!
I disagree, I love being around a few chosen people
I strongly disagree, I love spending time alone!
Question 4 of 5.

I would describe myself as!

Very Small
Very Big
Question 5 of 5.

Do you love trying different food types?

Yes, I can eat anything
Not sure, I am so selective with food
Sometimes, I avoid to adventure in foods for fear of allergies
I only eat one kind of food

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Which Pangolin are you?

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