We run online campaigns to create awareness of endangered species on various channels.  Some of the channels we use include our web portals which we build by ourselves, social media channels such as facebook, twitter and instagram. We design both graphical content and written content in a way that the messages are easily understood by the masses such that a sense of empathy is developed with in the individuals who engage with the information. 

We understand that people love visual content and the best way to educate them about endangered species is to create content that is eye catching, stimulating, entertaining and more interesting than old plain text.  This is content that gets more engagement and is more shareable creating more awareness of the endangered species. 

We give species characters and make them speak to the human in a way a human understands them achieving a high level of empathy for the species. 

We work with people on behalf of the earth. We love to see harmony between human beings and the natural resources in our environment be it animals, plants, mountains and water bodies. We therefore visit communities and share  Conservation educational information about various endangered species in an engaging and entertaining manner.